Tuesdays Together Creative Chair

OMG, did I mention that I’m the new Creative Chair for Tuesdays Together Fort Lauderdale?

I am so honored to have this opportunity to be a part of such an inspiring community. As, the saying goes, “Community over competition”.

I got the text message on July 13 from Arlene Colon… “Yes, yes yes!!” I shouted as I was texting back and jumping up and down.

Ok, let’s take a step back. Earlier this year I finally decided to become a calligrapher full-time, YAY! I remember telling my husband about my fears and the challenges I was about to face, and that I had no idea how I was going to meet the right people, while I was just starting out my business.

In May, I was in New York with my husband (side note, it was an awesome trip, with no kids, but that’s another story), we tried Uber Pool for the first time, and boy, it sure is a small world after all.

We shared an Uber with a super-talented, sweet and friendly lady boss, the Queen of Make-up, Natasha Katrina from Miami (@makeupbynkc) lol. She hopped in the car with a bag full of makeup and without a beat, introduced herself and we started trying on makeup samples with our Uber driver, and my husband, unwillingly, but a good sport.

I told Natasha that I was a calligrapher and was interested in meeting more people in the wedding industry. It was then that she told me about the Tuesdays Together community… and since then, my life has never been the same. Can I say, magical?

I was surprised to discover that I was the only Calligrapher in our Ft. Lauderdale group, and so on several occasions I volunteered to create signs and even t-shirts when the opportunity arose.

Ok, jump ahead to the text message… I was in California working with one of my brides, when I received the most beautiful and sincere email from Arleen Colon (@allthatglitterseventdesign), Tuesdays Together Ft. Lauderdale’s Member Chair, not to mention, an amazing event planner).

“…we really LOVED working with you on this month’s Tuesday’s Together quarterly meeting. Everyone LOVES your work and our special t-shirts, thank you!” “…we’d like to have you as part of our TT-FTL Committee, as our CREATIVE CHAIR!”

I am so grateful to have met, and continue meeting so many talented and smart people, people that believe in me and my talent. I’m inspired and motivated to go the extra mile, not only for myself, but with all the support from my community and wonderful clients, I feel it’s my responsibility to always give it my best, keepin’ it 100!